André Matt

Stratus sales

André Matt is passionate about sales. He loves that his profession gives him the opportunity to meet new people and sell them a product that offers them real added value. He enjoys gaining an understanding of his customers’ needs and helping them find the right product. André Matt previously worked in sales in the caravan and automotive industry for many years. Since joining the Stratus team at Basler & Hofmann in April 2022, he has been convincing property managers of the benefits of the Stratus portfolio management software with his congenial approach. In his free time, he’s an active “Fasnächtler”, a carnival reveller, in Lucerne and an avid golfer.

What fascinates you about your work?
I like the personal contact with customers. I enjoy gaining an understanding of their challenges in managing properties and working with them to identify the right product package for their requirements.

What’s special about working at Basler & Hofmann?
I appreciate the high degree of independence. I can pursue my tasks on my own initiative and contribute fresh ideas. I also appreciate the work-life balance.

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