As an infrastructure owner or facility manager, it goes without saying that you need to keep an eye on quality and costs at all times. When do which facilities need to be renewed? What renovation measures can be bundled to exploit synergies? What costs can be expected in which year? Maintenance of roads, service pipes and civil engineering structures is a demanding task. It should still be possible to use our modern-day infrastructures safely, reliably and economically in the future. Our services provide you with reliable data and analyses for long-term value preservation.

Managing infrastructures sustainably: Our services

Survey of road conditions

We survey the condition of your road networks in accordance with the current standard VSS-40925B (formerly 640 925b) and forecast future costs for maintenance and repairs. With our Strada mobile application, we have developed a highly efficient, geo-referenced method to ensure comprehensive data collection.

_ Geo-referenced surveying

_ Evaluation of the entire networks and properties

_ Documentation and forecasts for condition and costs

_ Integration of status data in your GIS software

_ Data updating and quality assurance


Inspection of civil engineering structures and service pipes

With our software we are able to capture the condition of various types of infrastructure. We use many different data sources for this. For water supplies we take the basic information from the general water supply planning (GWP), while for waste disposal we work with data from the sewer video inspection systems or the general wastewater management plan (GEP). We record the status of civil engineering structures by means of on-site inspections.

_ Data collection

_ Evaluations

_ Documentation and forecasts of status and costs

_ Integration of status data in your GIS

_ Data updating and quality assurance


Value preservation strategies

We provide our clients with the basic data relating to building structures, as well as the financial requirements and topographical data for proactive value retention planning, and we then accompany them through the process of developing a value preservation strategy. From this we develop an action concept and, if requested, accompany planning and execution.  

_ Status surveys and cost forecasts

_ Value preservation strategies

_ Action concepts

_ Project planning and scheduling

Optimize costs with facts and invest sustainably

In order for you to achieve your quality and cost goals with your infrastructure, you need reliable data and analyzes for all your objects.

How can we help you?

Each infrastructure portfolio brings with it different challenges. Each infrastructure management is organized differently. Do you need advice on a specific matter? Arrange an individual consultation appointment with us. Our professionals will be happy to support you with their expertise and experience.