As a real estate owner or manager, your task is to make long-term decisions. When do which structural elements need to be renewed? Which measures can be sensibly bundled? What costs can be expected in which year? Strategic portfolio and asset management is a challenging task. With our services, we provide you with reliable data and analyses. We provide these services in Italian, French, German and English.

Managing real estate with foresight: Our services

Inventory survey and evaluation

The basis of effective real estate management is reliable data. We capture the condition of the most important elements of the building on site and assess what the requirements are in terms of maintenance and repairs. Topics such as energy and safety can also be surveyed.

_ On-site inspections and status surveys

_ Property and portfolio evaluations

_ Documentation and forecasts of condition and costs

_ Data updating and quality assurance

_ Training courses

Portfolio management consulting

Every client faces different challenges. Sometimes the client needs to gain an overview of the status and future financial requirements of the entire inventory and to receive specific recommendations for steps that need to be taken. We collect the relevant key data and assess the portfolio in terms of risks.

_ Portfolio analyses

_ Recommended actions

_ Real estate reports and presentations

_ Development of the client's own portfolio structures, e.g. for investment planning

Real estate strategies

Successful management of a property portfolio is only possible if property owners have a clear strategy for each property. We develop this property strategy for our customers in a structured, four-stage process covering everything from property rating to the investment plan.

_  Status survey and property rating

_ Review / basic strategy for each property

_ Detailed property strategy and project development

_ Prioritisation and investment plan

Real estate organisation consulting

The goal of any real estate management is to invest available resources with a focus on cost effectiveness and sustainability. We help our customers to organise their real estate management and maximise its performance – with clear responsibilities and processes.

_ Real estate mission statements and strategies

_ Structuring of real estate organisation and portfolios

_ Process optimisation

_ IT implementation

_ Guidance through change processes

Use facts to optimise costs and invest sustainably

In order to achieve your value creation goals with your real estate portfolio you need reliable data and analyses for all your properties.

How can we assist you?

Every real estate portfolio poses different challenges. Every property management team is organised differently. Do you need advice on a specific matter? Arrange a personal consultation with us. Our experts will be delighted to assist you with their expertise and experience.