The Stratus team

We see ourselves as a competence centre for digital portfolio management for real estate and infrastructure – a field where we can offer our customers comprehensive advice. We are based in German-speaking Switzerland and have sales partners in Western Switzerland and Germany. Experts from the fields of real estate management, architecture, infrastructure construction, value preservation, geo-information systems and programming work closely together at our company.

What sets us apart

By professionals for professionals

As consultants in portfolio management for real estate and infrastructure, we use Stratus ourselves in our day-to-day work with our clients. Our consulting expertise has helped shape Stratus both as a software tool and as a methodological approach for 20 years – meaning that Stratus is a software solution with built-in expert knowledge.

Unrivalled customer service

All of our customers have a personal contact within our company – experts who can give competent advice. We also maintain personal contact through customer events where we take the opportunity to encourage our customers to share experiences with each other. This provides our customers with an invaluable networking opportunity from which they can really profit.

Part of the Basler & Hofmann Group

Stratus is part of the engineering, planning and consultancy firm Basler & Hofmann. We employ specialists from over 30 disciplines. Our speciality is working together in interdisciplinary teams. And this ability really comes into play in our Stratus team.


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