Stratus is a professional portfolio management software tool.

Real estate asset and portfolio managers deploy the software to control value preservation and real-estate development. Infrastructure managers use Stratus to gain an overview of the condition of roads, service pipes and engineering structures in order to maintain sustainable investments. The software is incredibly simple to use and delivers professionally sound analyses that can be used as a reliable basis for decision making.


Professional software for real estate and infrastructures

Record and maintain data with a minimum of effort

The basis of any efficient portfolio management is complete, up-to-date property information. Stratus lets you assess the condition of the most important aspects of the building on an intuitive interface in a highly structured way. In addition to the structural condition, you can capture strategically relevant aspects such as energy, security or location.

- Record master data and new values
- Survey the structural condition of individual structural elements
- Record strategic aspects, e.g. energy status
- File documents on properties

Property evaluation: condition and cost forecasts

The data about the condition of your properties has been collected. The software now determines the relevant parameters for their management. A traffic light system shows you at a glance where action is needed.

_ Current condition of property and structural elements

_ Forecast of the property condition and its long-term development

_ Optimum timings for repairs

_ Forecast of annual costs for maintenance and repairs

Portfolio analysis: the current status of your overall inventory

Based on the status and condition of your buildings, Stratus provides you with information on the current and future status of your entire portfolio. The software shows you the current lifecycle phase for each of the buildings in your portfolio. Interactive diagrams show you where strategic decisions need to be made.

  • Current status of the portfolio
  • Lifecycle of all buildings in the portfolio
  • Condition forecast
  • Traffic lights show the need for action

Realistic budgeting: yearly financial requirements

Stratus can add up the yearly financial requirements for maintenance and repairs for the entire portfolio or for a specific selection of buildings or infrastructures. Spending peaks can be clearly identified. Annuity lines highlight the fixed annual budget that is required within the relevant planning timeframe to allow the necessary repairs to be carried out.

  • Annual costs at property and structural element level
  • Cost development

Investment planning: simulate and compare scenarios

In addition to maintenance and repairs, you can also include conversion, expansion and new construction projects in the long-term financial requirements. If unwanted spending peaks occur, Stratus helps to simulate investment scenarios and to reschedule projects. If projects need to be postponed for cost reasons, the software simulates the potential consequential damage and resulting additional costs.

  • Strategic planning and project creation
  • Simulation of investment scenarios
  • Investment planning

Now with Investment Planner (IPL) function

Stratus supports the portfolio management in their core tasks of

_ the management of their real estate portfolio

_ and forward-looking, long-term investment and financial planning.

With the new Investment Planner (IPL) function, the financial requirements for all investments in

_ Repairs,

_ alterations (adaptation, conversion, extension)

_ up to new buildings

and completely planned across the entire portfolio.

Necessary repairs are bundled into sensible packages to form projects. Stratus generates most of the costs for the projects automatically - directly from existing, current condition information. These can be supplemented with a few cost details for additional services, or adjusted if necessary. Based on the respective end dates of the individual projects, Stratus distributes the project costs automatically

_ into the individual phases for planning to realisation,

_ as well as the investments per project and in total over the individual years.

The individual projects can be staggered so that the total investments fit into the financial resources available each year. Projects can be postponed or costs adjusted with just a few clicks. In this way, rolling investment planning is child's play with the IPL. The investments always remain up-to-date - and thus the annual budgeting process is enormously facilitated.

With the investment planner, Stratus supports the owner

_ keep all investments across the entire portfolio in view and up-to-date at all times

_ prepare transparent, well-founded project proposals

_ make project decisions quickly and communicate them to all parties involved in a well-founded manner

_ to manage, classify, weigh and prioritise the volume of information

Sustainability of real estate portfolios

Stratus makes it easy to manage the sustainability goals, such as environmental performance and resource consumption, of real estate portfolios. With minimal effort, future investments with environmental impacts and economic added value are optimally planned and justified.


Order sustainability reports at portfolio and building level now!

Synergies between the need for structural action, greenhouse gas reduction and investment planning are shown.

_ Record individual reduction paths and measure
   the performance of the portfolio as well as of
   individual buildings against them (stranded assets).

_ Low effort, as much information is already
   available in Stratus.

_ Clear graphical evaluation at both portfolio
   and building level.


Get your sustainability reports from your Stratus advisor or here.


Our current packages and prices

Packages to meet every requirement

Whether you manage 20 or 3000 properties or whether you are a public sector organisation, a private company or a real estate investment management company, Stratus supports real estate and infrastructure managers from all kinds of organisations in their central business processes.

Stratus 7.x is the successor software to Stratus 5.1. A completely newly developed software tool, it is both intuitive and extremely user-friendly. Choose the package that suits you best, depending on your needs – either the Basic or Standard package. We will be delighted to advise you and help you make the best possible choice.


Conclusive reports for sustainable decisions

Stratus provides very extensive reports. Portfolio managers then have a solid basis for argumentation in their hands. Decision-making bodies benefit from objective, well-organised facts.

Data security and system requirements

Our top priority is the security of your data

Your real estate and infrastructure data is in good hands with Stratus. All data is hosted on servers in Switzerland and protected in accordance with industrial standards.

Access from anywhere and at any time

The software is 100% web-based, so you have unlimited access to your real estate data and to the key parameters of your portfolio from wherever you are. Do you want to work on a status survey on your tablet and then perform the evaluations from your desktop? With Stratus you can do all of this.

Interacting with other systems

Stratus 7.x is a completely newly developed software tool. It actively interacts with adjacent systems that portfolio managers, project managers and property managers use in their daily work. These will be gradually connected to the new platform via standard interfaces so that a smooth exchange of data between the systems can be made possible.

System Requirements

The following browsers are supported:


MS Edge

Google Chrome


from version




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