Basler & Hofmann Deutschland GmbH, Görlitz


13. Arrival by plane

From Dresden Airport, take the A 4 motorway in the direction of Görlitz. Then continue in the same way as you would if arriving directly by car.

Arrival by car

Take motorway A 4, and then take the Görlitz exit. Take the B 6 in the direction of Görlitz/Zittau. After about 1 kilometre, turn left onto Nieskyer Strasse/B 115/B 99. After about 2 kilometres, turn left onto Heilige-Grab-Strasse. On the priority road, follow Grüner Graben, and turn left onto Obermarkt after approximately 300 metres. Follow Obermarkt and continue onto Bismarckstrasse. After about 500 metres, turn right onto Schützenstrasse. After about 150 metres, follow the priority road onto Konsulstrasse. After about 150 metres, turn left onto Konsulplatz. The office is located in the building at the end of Konsulplatz, and the entrance can be found in the rear on the left.


Basler & Hofmann Deutschland GmbH

Konsulplatz 4/5

DE-02826 Görlitz