Loris Detti

Dipl. Sales Manager / Portfolio and Asset Management UZH

Head of Infrastructure

Loris Detti advises clients in the public and private sector on how to preserve the value of their real estate portfolios and infrastructures – from status surveys to strategic evaluations. As a Stratus Infra expert, he is the contact person for clients who use the Stratus portfolio management software for their infrastructure management. The Stratus software itself is supported and and further developed by Basler & Hofmann. Loris Detti is a qualified civil engineering draughtsman and graduate sales manager and was fascinated by the interface between planning, construction and IT from an early age. After working in engineering and architectural offices, he also worked as a consultant for CAD and BIM software. Loris Detti has been part of the Stratus team at Basler & Hofmann since 2009.

What makes working at Basler & Hofmann so special?

Being able to draw on Basler & Hofmann's accumulated know-how in many specialist disciplines. I can identify with the 'spirit' and values at Basler & Hofmann and I really appreciate the enormous flexibility I can work here with.

When do you particularly enjoy a project?

Always when I'm on the same path as the client, when I exchange ideas with them and we work together to achieve our goals. I'm thrilled when a project bears fruit and helps the client to move forward.

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