Whether public, corporate or real estate investment management: Stratus is a strong partner that provides clients with digital management support for real estate and infrastructure portfolios throughout the entire life cycle. Stratus delivers well-founded, objective decision-making bases for maintenance management and investment and financial planning. We are currently working on developing our existing software to ensure we are able to support our clients in the best way possible in the future. The new version of Stratus will provide our portfolio managers with a uniform, digital work flow that offers support at every step, from condition assessment to producing professional reports. The new platform will be available from March 2021 following release 7.0.



A uniform, digital workflow

With the new version of Stratus, portfolio managers can carry out all their business processes without having to resort to workarounds with Excel and the like. Stratus guides you through every step of the portfolio management process, from assessing the condition of individual properties to drawing up professional, tailored reports for your decision-making bodies.


New flexible valuation options

Even the basic version of the platform offers portfolio managers extended valuation options while at the same time providing them with maximum flexibility. Elements of individual building sections can now be valued right down to their individual parts using structured selection options. In addition to the structural condition, other strategically relevant aspects such as data in relation to energy, safety or location can be entered. Each portfolio manager can decide, based on their individual objectives, how much detail they want to go into when valuing and assessing the condition of individual properties in their portfolio.


A dashboard provides an overview

A central dashboard allows portfolio managers to retain an overview of the life cycle of their real estate and infrastructure portfolios and any incidental maintenance and renovation costs at all times.


Direct communication and efficient task management

The new platform features handy added features which support internal communication and task management between owners and portfolio, project and property managers.


Link up with other systems

Stratus communicates actively with peripheral systems that portfolio, project and property managers use daily in their work. These will be linked up to the new platform gradually via standard interfaces, thus enabling the smooth exchange of data between the systems.

Development team


Stratus 7.0 is being developed by Stratus experts as well as with in-house and external software developers and UX designers, all working in close collaboration with existing clients and industry experts. The development team is combining expertise, technology and client experiences to develop Stratus 7.0, a digital platform that will simplify and connect digital profile management for those involved in public, corporate and real-estate investment.


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