Status survey for buildings

The basis of effective real estate management is well-structured data. Our specialists carry out on-site status surveys on behalf of our customers. We inspect the entire inventory and survey the condition of the buildings following the Stratus method. Thanks to the comprehensive real estate knowledge that is embedded in Stratus, this requires relatively little outlay in terms of time and cost – all it takes is a survey of the condition of the 20 most important aspects of the building in order to be able to draw well-founded conclusions.

Our services

  • On-site inspections and status surveys
  • Surveys of specialist topics like energy and safety also available
  • Documentation of the status surveys in the form of object sheets (separate evaluation for each object)
  • Portfolio evaluations
  • Condition and cost forecasts
  • Data updates after repairs and data quality assurance
  • Training

Documentation and forecasts

We produce assessments of the current condition and draw up status development forecasts in the form of tables and graphical analyses both for individual objects as well as for entire portfolios. Based on this, we use Stratus to prepare reliable cost forecasts for maintenance and repairs for objects and portfolios. In the process, existing object strategies are taken into account and integrated into the financial requirement forecasts.