Portfolio consultancy

Each client faces slightly different challenges with their particular portfolio. Often, the client needs to gain an overview of the condition and future financial requirements of the entire inventory, and to receive specific options for courses of action in relation to their own portfolio. We collect and update the relevant key data and analyse the portfolio with regard to abnormalities and specific risks. We clearly document our results and recommendations and prepare the key points for decision makers.

Our services

  • Data updates, quality assurance, data archiving
  • Synchronisation of real estate data between different systems
  • Analysis and assessment
  • Recommended actions
  • Preparation of real estate reports with results
  • On request: presentation of the findings to decision-making bodies
  • Development of reporting structures

Creating your own structures

We help our customers to develop and manage their portfolios themselves. We advise on how to set up your own portfolio structures, tools and key indicators, for example for reporting or for long-term investment planning.