Status surveys for roads

The strategic management of road infrastructure starts with an overview of the condition of the entire road network. We conduct status surveys on behalf of our customers and systematically acquire data on the basis of the defined condition and damage patterns described in VSS standard 640 925b. Thanks to our specially developed Strada application, we can record the data in the field in a mobile, area-accurate and georeferenced way and feed it into Stratus. Stratus then uses this data to determine the financial requirements for future value preservation.

Our services

  • Geo-referenced acquisition of road condition data – on request with edge finishes and pavements
  • Integration and evaluation of the data in Stratus
  • Integration of the status data into geo-information systems

Comprehensive view of road infrastructure

Our surveys can be supplemented with evaluations and statements on edge finishes, pavements, manhole covers, pipes (wastewater, drinking water) and utility trenches. Among other things, this comprehensive view covers all aspects of the infrastructure and can help to provide a well-founded decision making basis for cost allocation among different owners.