Infrastructure management

The infrastructure of towns and municipalities has a high economic value, which must be preserved through continuous maintenance and repair measures. For a sustainable, long-term value retention strategy, those responsible need to have a clear overview of the condition of the road network, drinking water supply, sewage system and civil engineering structures, as well as of the financial requirements of the corresponding maintenance measures. Basler & Hofmann provides its customers with the basic data relating to building structures as well as financial requirements and topographical data for proactive planning of value retention and accompanies them during the process of developing a value preservation strategy.

Our services

  • Surveying the condition of the road network with an efficient, standardised methodology based on the corresponding technical standards.
  • Integration of the status data in geo-information systems
  • Determination of necessary maintenance and repair measures as well as the short, medium and long-term financial requirements with the aid of the management tool Stratus Infra
  • Action concept for targeted deployment of resources
  • Planning and scheduling of maintenance and repair measures
  • Development of value preservation strategies

Everything under control: Value preservation planning and financial planning

When it comes to the management of infrastructures, it is important not only to meet the concerns relating to the condition of the structures, but also to implement a solution that fits the constraints of the financial framework. Thanks to our systematic approach, the process owners are provided with a fast overview and can continuously plan value preservation measures for their infrastructure with the aid of Stratus Infra.