Significant value is tied up in the infrastructure of cities, municipalities and cantons. Accordingly, the maintenance of roads, works and civil engineering structures often accounts for a substantial proportion of public budgets. Stratus Infra provides the people who are responsible for this spending with a clear overview not only of the structural condition of their infrastructure, but also of the future financial requirements, thus providing the foundations for long-term, sustainable maintenance strategies.

Infrastructure at a glance


All trades in one tool

With Stratus Infra, the application areas roads, sewage systems, water and engineering structures – and therefore the entire infrastructure – can be managed in a single tool. The starting point is always a status survey. The components that are relevant for maintenance are recorded specifically for each trade using the Stratus method. The software then calculates key management parameters:

  • New value (i.e. the replacement value) and the status value
  • Annual costs for maintenance and repairs
  • Timing at which repairs are expected to become necessary

Depending on requirements, these parameters can be output as a clearly presented graphic or in the form of a table - at component level, for individual structures or for the entire network. Since the same method is applied to all the different trades, the individuals responsible receive comparable data, which is particularly important when considering financial requirements and corresponding budget allocations.


Financial requirements and investment scenarios

Stratus forecasts future financial requirements for maintenance and repairs to infrastructure. With the aid of the software it is also possible to simulate the effects of delayed investments both in terms of short, medium and long-term financial requirements, as well as on the condition of the structures. These presentations form an important basis for argumentation, particularly when it comes to negotiating budgets.


Integration in geographic information systems

The collected infrastructure data can be imported and displayed in any geographic information system.


The Stratus Infra team collecting data on the condition of roads



Behind Stratus is the engineering, planning and consultancy firm Basler & Hofmann, a major competence centre for urban and communal infrastructures. We are continually incorporating our know-how into the software and assist our customers as required with additional services, from status surveys to infrastructure management and the planning of maintenance measures.


Status surveys for roads

On your behalf, we survey the condition of your road network based on the current VSS standard 640 925b. With our mobile application Strada, we have developed a highly efficient, geo-referenced method to ensure comprehensive data collection of road conditions.

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Infrastructure management

Based on the infrastructure status information from Stratus, Basler & Hofmann develops a suitable value preservation strategy for the relevant customers and their framework conditions. From this we develop an action concept and, if requested, accompany planning and execution.

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Status surveys – general

We use a wide range of different sources for evaluations with Stratus Infra. For example, regarding water supply, the basic information from the general water supply planning (GWP) is sufficient, while for waste disposal we work with data from the video inspection systems or the general wastewater management plan (GEP). We record the status of civil engineering structures with the Stratus method through on-site inspections.


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